IKKA – Domestic Product

Aaye Biryani ki is jashn ko saath mein manaye aur banaye. Biryani is that one dish that unites our entire nation and has different methods of preparation, taste and styles across our nation.


Discover the remarkable 1121 Golden Sella Basmati rice, a premium variety carefully selected to elevate your culinary journey. With its exceptional cooking properties, this rice guarantees a delightful and elongated texture.


Introducing IKKA Faziaan, the epitome of naturally processed golden grains that consistently deliver perfection in every cooking experience. Our commitment to quality is evident as we proudly sell over 3,00,000 bags annually, winning the hearts of discerning rice lovers worldwide.


Introducing our flagship brand product, 1121 Basmati rice, a true symbol of purity and tradition. Our commitment to quality has remained unwavering, ensuring that every grain of 1121 Basmati rice delivers the authentic taste and aroma that you cherish.


Presenting our stellar addition to the portfolio – 1121 Steamed Rice, a customer favorite that truly shines with its exceptional qualities. With an average grain length of up to 8.45 mm, this rice variety boasts elegance and sophistication on your plate.


Khaas is a popular brand of Basmati rice known for its high quality and premium characteristics. It is a type of Basmati rice that is carefully cultivated and processed to deliver a superior culinary experience.